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Save an Extra 30% with code 'Valentines'

Sunglasses, The Important Thing Is Its lenses

August 04, 2017

Sunglasses or sunglasses are one accessory that never be forgotten. Its function is not just to look more stylish, but also-especially-withstand sunlight so as not to hurt the eyes. To choose a good glasses for the function of the latter, consider the following things:


Personality types

Choose the type of glasses suitable for the character of your face. Oval-shaped face that best matches wearing aviator-style sunglasses or aviators. For a square face shape, can use large glasses a la Jackie Onassis. This type of glasses will impress the smaller facial features.

Choose a material

Glasses of pure titanium material is most suitable for the eyes. Titanium is known for durable and suitable for outdoor use, and lightweight. Meanwhile, the glasses out of plastic is cheaper, looks luxurious, and quite durable.

Avoid plastic injection plastic aka mix. Glasses of this material is easily bent if the frequency used in the sun.


Helps eyesight

Glasses can prevent you from sunlight or glare, so you can see without squinting. Want to move without interruption in the sun? Use sunglasses with UV 400 lenses with sizes. Usually, this information will be listed on the label glasses.

With the deterrent power of 400 UV sunlight, as this is very good goggles to avoid eye from harmful rays emitted by solar radiation. On the contrary, the sun will look more dim, aka not too flashy.

Other value-added, namely for the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eye is more sensitive. Too often narrowed his eyes and forehead can make the skin around the areas are more wrinkles. Well, wearing sunglasses will indirectly prevent skin wrinkles.

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Protect well

If you want to wash glasses, wash with cold water. Do not use soap because the soap will leave spots on glasses. Use storage boxes are hard to avoid scratches on the glasses. It could also wrap it with special gloves or padding before placed in storage boxes.

Every six months, ask the clerk at the optics to tighten a loose framework, polish up the glasses with acetate in order to shine again, and eliminate scratches on lenses.

Got the original

Like glasses collection? Like when buying quality clothes, at least have a famous brand sunglasses from the original. Glasses of cheap of course no less stylish, but often do not use a lens that is able to withstand the heat. In addition, it also quickly damaged. When buying sunglasses (good quality) make sure officers tighten optical lenses and the frame to fit your face.