Save an Extra 30% with code 'Valentines'

Save an Extra 30% with code 'Valentines'


August 01, 2017

Selling jewelry online is becoming ever more popular. It is innocuous to do and money can be prefabricated swiftly off old and even broken jewelry. That’s because buyers intend to melt down any precious metals or rework any precious stones so they typically do not care about the condition of the jewelry they buy.

Needless to say, selling jewelry like cute choker online pertains only to real jewelry, jewelry that is valuable, not imitation or costume jewelry. While some buyers take semi-precious stones and metals, most will only work with tried-and-true standbys like gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

Selling jewelry online as a hobby or when you need some swift cash is simple to do with these companies. What will happen is that you contact them and given them your mailing address so that they can forward you a special kind of package in which you will place your jewelry to send to them. This special package or mailer is return-addressed for you, with postage prepaid, and usually insured up to five hundred dollars.

Be sure that you receive free insurance for your valuables! Otherwise, who’s to state whether something might get lost – or worse, deliberately stolen. And it should be free as a courtesy to you, since you’re the one trying to make money, not spend it!

You should get your money, in the form of a check, seven business days after receipt of the package. Make sure to select a company that works fast. Also be sure that you have the right to change your mind even after payment! The company that does this has your interests in mind, too, as well as its own. This way, all celebrations can be sure that the transaction was satisfactory for everyone. By providing safeguards like the ones outlined here, you can be sure that the company is a legitimate business interested in developing honest long-term relationships.

So, to conclude, let’s summarize the key points discussed. First, make sure you get a company that works swift so that you can get your money fast; seven business days should be the most you have to move to receive a check. Secondly, make sure that you receive free insurance for your valuables; five hundred dollars is the industry standard these days. Third, ensure that a generous “return policy” is acquirable in case you should change your mind! A company offering all these safeguards is one that you can trust – and any industry insider will tell you that this business is all about trust.