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Selecting Sunglasses According to Skin Color

July 27, 2017 0 Comments

Selecting Sunglasses According to Skin Color

Choosing glasses cannot be regarded as trivial. Apart from having to adjust to the needs, appear in the style also has become a demanding era.

You may have time to read the tips and tricks on choosing sunglasses according to face shape, where you are faced round, are generally more appropriate to use square-shaped glasses to reduce the chubby in the face. While those who have a square face, should wear glasses to soften a round face some side angle.

Also, in choosing eyeglasses should also be adjusted with skin color, eye color, and hair color. Which sunglasses should you choose, check it out, ladies!

Customize with your skin color

According to the Vision Council, as quoted from allaboutvision, there are two basic kinds of color glasses, adjusted for skin color. Blue / cool colors are colors that are suitable for those with dark skin. Colors consist of blue, purple, plum, black, dark red and so forth. While the yellow/warm color are the colors that match those used in light-skinned. This color is made up of bright colors, like white, peach, cream, pink, and so forth.


In Tips:

The skin color of the average South American and Asian, brown tends to bright and not too dark. The benefit of having this Asian skin color is appropriate to use a variety of colors. Especially you who have a combination of cool and warm colors like migos glasses. Any color is not a problem for you, match it with the color of the clothes being worn.


Customize with color eyes

As the windows of the soul, the eyes express and assert one’s personality through color. To be more perfect, you can also customize the color of glasses with your eyes. The key is, the color blue or black should choose colors gradations of blue, purple, gray and black. If your brown eye color, choose the frame sunglasses with bright colors so as not to contrast.

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Customize with hair color:

No less important is to adjust the color frame sunglasses with hair color. Light-colored hair, glasses frames should choose the warm color. Meanwhile, dark hair is more suitable to use frame glasses cool color.