How Fashion Can Make Your Opponent Type Interested In?

July 13, 2017

How Fashion Can Make Your Opponent Type Interested In?

True love is possible at the moment that you never expect. Ever when the mirror, even myself felt lazy or il-feel (read: lost feeling) when she saw the appearance in front of the glass? If the answer is yes, whether it is possible the opposite sex will be attracted to you?

These feelings arise because we do not appreciate and do not show ourselves completely. Are not we too often able to judge someone just by looking at their appearance? So the adage “You Is What You Wear” is 100% perfect. Here we will share tips on how to fashion to create attraction for the opposite sex.

The first, the color of the clothes you wear usually reflects your personality. People who often wear black color is usually a mystery or a loner type, but for certain moments such as a black evening gown actually gives the impression of glamorous for you. People who often wear red color is probably the type of person who opens or even aggressive, but it could be the use of red color will give the impression section.

Loisa Andalio

People who like the young colors like green and yellow is usually a calm person, or pink colors that reflect the feminine style. So it does not mean you should not wear certain colors, but with the usage at the right time, color can send a message of who you are, and can even attract the opposite sex according to your type.

Next, you must make sure that you wear clothes according to your body shape and size. Do not push yourself with a beautiful dress in front of the eyes but not in accordance with the body. Before you buy clothes, try first if seen fit to your body. Any style of dress would express who we are. For example: use a pair of jeans with the right boss, plus a few fashion accessories ei chokers necklaces and shoes will give the impression of natural rights. When wearing a dress in the first date, you should not wear a dress that is too highlight parts of the thigh or chest.

And finally, you should not need to overdo the makeup wearing, make-up because the main goal is to increase the attractiveness of the face, not to trick your face. In addition to the face, you also need to give more attention on other parts such as hair, skin, teeth, and nails. So good makeup makes you look completely stunning, your appearance look more bright, healthy, and energetic like Loisa Andalio.

Some of the tips above are a strong basis for making the opposite sex attracted to you. But be aware that only self is the most know what kind of style that best fits our personality. Do not lie to yourself, let alone just to follow the trend or just because part of it. Then how do I know if it was appropriate fashion? Use your instincts. When you feel yourself appreciated, feel better, and more confident with what you wear, it means you’re giving the attractiveness of the opposite sex that type with you.