Choosing Watches under Moment

July 20, 2017

Choosing Watches under Moment


Want to always be on time? Just wear a wristwatch. However, what if you want a timely manner while maintaining the style?


Well, to question that one, Woman has the answer.

Choosing watches as well as select jewelry or clothing. You must first reconcile with the moments and events you’ll attend. There are moments where you have to look casual, party time or formal.


Sport watch

Sporty clock is usually used in casual moments, generally made of semi-flexible and comfortable rubber. Tend to be large in size with colors bright and cheerful. The material is shockproof, water-resistant and has a lot of interesting fashion. Several hours of sport is equipped with an alarm, stopwatch until the compass.



Pair with jeans, T-shirt, casual jacket or shirt you to appear more relaxed and comfortable. No need all kinds of accessories to complement your sporty look, these casual watches will look beautiful and perfect.


Formal Watch

Hours of this type usually worn to the office, at official events such as the inauguration of office or meeting with clients. Here, the general impression of a neat and exclusive highlighted, so that the material at the dominant handmade of leather, stainless steel, gold, or titanium.


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These watches are generally combined with a formal dress/office dress. Simple earrings could be additional accessories.


Jewelry Watch

These watches give a formal impression at once elegant, usually equipped with the rocks exposed within hours or rope. The material is made of a material tends to sparkling and sophisticated. The hours are more like jewelry than an hour.



Pair this watch with a beautiful dress. And select the hour's party with the size of a small rope so it is more elegant in the hand.

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