Chokers - What are they?

July 04, 2017

Chokers - What are they?

Chokers are all the rage among girls nowadays. But what’s the hype? Do they even know where their cute chokers originated from? It’s Switzerland. To be precise, part of the traditional dress of Switzerland. The history behind chokers is really quite fascinating, for women living high in the Alps used to wear them because the severe iodine deficiency in the high altitudes resulted in the formation of goiters.

The choker takes on many shapes because there are a large number ways to recreate it, be it metal, embellished, even amorous. They are now detaching themselves from being part of a package and becoming more of a distinct piece of jewelry. Some find them very comfortable, but some may feel constricted, so it’s probably best to order a larger size, to be on the safe side.

Gold chokers are beautiful with hints of sparkle and delicate chevrons in shiny gold. They fit really well with girls hoping to look modern, with a touch of elegance. Laced chokers make women feel hotter and sexier - they enjoy the confidence it provides them. For the Goths, leather chokers are a natural fit with their usual black clothing and dark purple hair.

Easy going, happy-go-lucky females would appreciate the beaded style chokers as a show of their freedom. Other girls like wearing chokers because they’re a simple statement in showing off their femininity, and aren’t quite as dangly or heavy as traditional necklaces. Chokers also tend to invoke a sense of nostalgia in men, especially those who had their golden years in the 90s. Men have commented that when women wear it very snug around their necks, it makes them look sexy.

Online, prices of the chokers range from $5 to $500, depending on the material used - and who’s worn them before. Released for Fall 2015, the Fallon Monarch Pearl Choker sold out immediately after it was donned by the two celebrities - Rihanna and Chloé Kardashian. Chokers by famous fashion brands, such as Forever 21, retail at a mere $6, making it an accessory within the budget for the everyday working women. If you’re willing to source from China, you may be able to discover some chokers at around $2, and they’re almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The only problem you’ll encounter is logistics, not too big a problem if you’re looking to purchase dozens of chokers, maybe not only for yourself but for some friends and family - they’re the perfect gift.

Now that you know more about cute chokers, have been buying them. Hopefully, snatch up the one that a celebrity will wear next.