Ala-style Country Girl With Check Pattern

July 18, 2017

Ala-style Country Girl With Check Pattern

Some time ago, a shirt with a large size could be a trend. And one of you still have that shirt right?

Good news! In 2016, the pattern check would be the trend anymore.

Pattern check is a shirt with plaid, the 2017 and then appeared with a large and regular size mixed with jeans or short pants

If last year you have not had time to recognize this style, then you can come up with new patterns exist to check that comes back with neutral colors are bright.

The shirt is very popular motif for simply stylish and very varied. Getting people who wear it comfortable and feel much more energized. There are two options sleeves, half sleeves and the sleeves are free mega mix with your favorite jeans.

The surplus, this style gives the impression of casual and formal. Depending on what impression you want to show. Pair with denim shorts or Leggings to give the impression the casual side Or wear it with jeans for a more formal regular.

Tartan motif will neutralize your plain jeans. No need plenty of accessories that are used to make yourself ready for action. A cheap cute choker and a migos.glasses would do the trick. Just add silver accessories that will add nuance youth on your display. Congratulations to experiment.