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Save an Extra 30% with code 'Valentines'

5 Rules in Wearing Fashion Statements Jewelry

May 26, 2017

5 Rules in Wearing Fashion Statements Jewelry

There are a lot of perfect ways to wear something, but getting this wardrobe fashion of yours to shine and strike a lasting impression to everyone would definitely need a head turner piece of fashion jewelry.

Fashion statements can be very exciting and fun to wear. However, this stuff could sometimes tarnish your definition of style if not properly worn.

What makes it beautiful is that these fashion statement jewelry doesn’t need a lot to stand out. You only need one to absolutely match your outfit. A simple but eye-catching necklace or bracelet would do the job.

Without further ado, here are 5 rules you should keep in mind when wearing those statement fashion jewelry.


  1. You only need one

Wear only one bold piece at a time. Avoid wearing necklaces and earrings together as much as wearing fashion rings and bracelet together. Instead, keep things coordinated such as a cuff bracelet and a chandelier earring would be a perfect pair.


  1. Keep it plain and simple

Women love wearing huge and chunky accessories, but it looks charming when worn with simple dresses. The goal is for the statement jewelry to shine so carefully match your accessories and outfit. Get a pair of a head-turning piece which is flawless for your favorite tiny black dress or some simple migos glasses to suit your personality.


  1. Keep your earrings prudently

Earrings are eye catchers especially to someone who talks to you face to face, and these fashion accessories should not be missed. Choose something that would enhance your facial features, culling a bad pair would be disastrous. Attention to minute detail is important, note the sizes, shape, tone, and length to coordinate with your outfit and facial shape.


  1. Perfect necklace for your neckline

V-necked tops, off-the-shoulders, and strapless dresses are ideal neckline for wearing your striking necklace or for cute chokers. Avoid wearing tops with collars and halter necks, as they distract with bright accessories.


  1. Keep an eye on your hands

It is worth noting that when wearing chunky rings, ergo, keep your nails clean and well groomed. Nail color should coordinate with your rings and bracelets. Avoid wearing big chunky rings on a multicolored nail polish. Small rings are all time favorite statement pieces, so balance everything to look good and feel better.

Choose the right pair or pieces that would perfectly make the best you. Always keep an eye on small details that would enhance your personality, especially on wearing your fashion statement accessories and jewelry.