How she made 2 sales her FIRST DAY

July 20, 2017

How she made 2 sales her FIRST DAY

2 Sales First Day 🤑

It can be hard starting as an affiliate but not for her!

For most being an affiliate for our brand is their first time monetizing their audience so it can be tricky trying to figure out what gets them to make that purchase. But Etny figured it out quick and here's how she did it.

Posting on your IG story

On average it takes someone 7 times seeing something before taking action. So posting your story is a great way to get something in front of your audience without being 'spamy' And adding a call to action like the one above is perfect!

Promoting One Item

By promoting one item you are pointing your audience into the direction, you're taking the first step for them. Also by including a Call-To-Action in the caption like pushing the to use your promo code for free shipping encourages them even more. If you don't know your promo code it's your first name.